Sandra-Mae Lux Spreads Holiday Cheer With New Single “Where Is Christmas Now’’

Multi-instrumentalist and award-winning artist Sandra-Mae Lux is ushering in the festive spirit with the release of her newly remixed single, “Where Is Christmas Now.” This enchanting track, a reimagined arrangement of her original composition, is set to captivate listeners and infuse the holiday season with warmth and joy.

Diving into the nostalgia of classic Christmas melodies, Sandra-Mae Lux strips down the arrangement to showcase her soulful vocals straight from the heart. The magic is further elevated by the collaboration with legendary UK jazz pianist Rob Barron, whose musical prowess adds an extra layer of wonder to this holiday tune.

Listeners are in for a treat as “Where Is Christmas Now” transports them to a musical wonderland where the simplicity of vocals and the elegance of jazz blend seamlessly. The song promises to be the perfect musical gift, adding a touch of seasonal sparkle to holiday playlists.

“Where Is Christmas Now” was released on November 24th.

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