Aneessa and Michael B. Sutton Unveil Festive Bilingual Rendition of ‘Santa Baby’ for the Holiday Season

Approaching the festive season, singer-songwriter Aneessa, alongside her acclaimed producer and husband Michael B. Sutton, introduces a captivating twist to the timeless holiday classic, Santa Baby, presenting it in both French and English. This enchanting bilingual rendition, meticulously crafted under Sutton’s guidance at the renowned “The Sound of LA” label, encapsulates the holiday spirit with a personalized touch.

Collaborating with Wordsound/Virgin Music Group and Universal Music Group, “The Sound of LA” label proudly presents Aneessa’s bilingual take on Santa Baby. Aneessa’s captivating vocals, combined with Sutton’s exceptional production finesse, create a rendition that seamlessly weaves soulful melodies and heartfelt interpretations, offering a fresh yet enduring perspective on this beloved festive tune in both languages.

Available in both French and English versions, this rendition of Santa Baby is the result of the collective artistic vision of Aneessa, Michael B. Sutton, and their collaboration with esteemed partners at Wordsound/Virgin Music Group and Universal Music Group. Together, their combined talents breathe new life into this cherished holiday classic, paying homage to its timeless charm.

Expressing her sentiments, Aneessa shared, “Santa Baby holds a special place in the hearts of many during the holiday season. Collaborating with my husband, Michael, and partnering with Wordsound/Virgin Music Group and Universal Music Group on this bilingual rendition has been an incredible journey. Together, we aimed to create a rendition that captures the joy and sentiment of Christmas.”

Aneessa’s bilingual interpretation of Santa Baby, a collaborative masterpiece involving the singer, her husband Michael B. Sutton, and partnerships with Wordsound/Virgin Music Group and Universal Music Group under “The Sound of LA” label, invites listeners on a heartwarming journey imbued with the spirit of the season. Its emotive nuances and celebratory melodies promise to enchant audiences, resonating with those who hold dear the magic of Christmas in both languages.

For a heartwarming musical experience that embodies the festive spirit, Aneessa and Michael B. Sutton’s bilingual rendition of Santa Baby is a captivating treat that celebrates the joy of the holiday season in French and English.