Michael Kiel Cash Releases New Song “Prayer in Open D” – A Tribute to Family Roots and Musical Legacy

 Renowned singer-songwriter Michael Kiel Cash is set to captivate listeners once again with his latest single, “Prayer in Open D.” This heartfelt song, featuring a beautiful duet with his sister Cookie Harrist, pays homage to their family roots while showcasing their extraordinary vocal harmonies. Drawing inspiration from Emmylou Harris, a cherished presence in the Cash household during their formative years, the siblings offer a nostalgic journey that evokes memories of their time spent immersed in the woods of Maine as young adults.

“Prayer in Open D” captures the essence of the Cash family’s musical heritage, bringing together Michael Kiel Cash and Cookie Harrist’s innate talent for close harmony singing. The duo’s seamless vocals transport listeners back to their childhood and create a poignant connection to their shared experiences.

Recorded in one remarkable take at Good Vibes Studio in Bend, OR, the song showcases Cash and Harrist’s exceptional musical chemistry. The raw emotion and authenticity of their performance shine through as they effortlessly weave their voices together, creating a deeply resonant and soul-stirring listening experience.

To further enhance the magic of “Prayer in Open D,” Michael Kiel Cash and Cookie Harrist enlisted the expertise of renowned Nashville artist Jeff Taylor. Taylor’s masterful piano and reed organ playing provide a rich and textured backdrop, elevating the song to new heights and enveloping the listener in a soundscape that is both nostalgic and contemporary.

When asked about the inspiration behind “Prayer in Open D,” Michael Kiel Cash expressed, “This song is a celebration of our family’s musical legacy and a tribute to the artists who shaped our lives. It’s about cherishing the moments we shared, both musically and personally, and carrying that spirit forward in our own unique way.”

As a testament to the siblings’ dedication to their craft, “Prayer in Open D” is a remarkable achievement that showcases their growth as artists while honoring their musical heritage. This release is a remarkable addition to Michael Kiel Cash’s discography, further solidifying his reputation as a gifted singer-songwriter with a deeply rooted connection to his roots.