Eddie Witz and The Most High Releases Third New Single ‘In California’

Explore the sun-soaked journey of self-discovery, as Californian singer Eddie Witz released his highly-anticipated third single, ‘In California’ on the 31st of May. This track is a sneak peek into his debut album, ‘I Am What I Am’, Witz offers a taste of his signature sunny pop sound. Combining elements of world music, folk, Americana, pop, and reggae in a multicultural fusion, this irresistible masterpiece is set to be a hit for the summer.

‘In California’, is a heartfelt anthem exploring the highs and lows of homegrown roots. From embracing golden shores to navigating the daunting crossroads of departure, this track encapsulates the bittersweet odyssey of self-discovery amidst the allure of the Golden State. Witz’s talent for crafting breezy, uplifting melodies and seamless arrangements invites listeners on a musical road trip through California, radiating positive energy and painting a sun-soaked atmosphere.

As the frontman of Eddie Witz and The Most High, the singer-songwriter leads a collection of passionate, dedicated musicians who share a vision of spreading messages of hope, healing, and harmony through their music. As a collective, the band aims to craft songs that resonate with listeners on a profound level. Witz’s songwriting is mostly a reflection of his Jamaican influences, which solely inspired the visuals for previous singles ‘My Island’ and ‘Jamaica Time’, which both centred around his love for Jamaica and working with his Jamaican songwriting/producing partners. ‘In California’ truly speaks to the kind of artist he is, as it draws attention back to where he grew up, and about his life and experiences.

Eddie Witz’s forthcoming album, ‘I Am What I Am’, set to debut in the summer of 2024, chronicles his voyage of self-discovery and maturation. Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, John Butler, and Jimmy Buffett, Witz fuses elements of pop, Americana, folk, and reggae/world music to craft a distinctive and entrancing auditory experience. The album explores themes of resilience, forgiveness, and the transformative power of healing through music. Aiming to uplift spirits, it is a celebration of self-acceptance, embracing life’s ups and downs, and encouraging compassion.

Speaking on ‘I Am What I Am’, Witz shared, “I hope that listeners will find solace, inspiration, and joy in the melodies and lyrics of this EP and that it serves as a soundtrack for their journeys of self-discovery and personal growth.” Witz suffers from the rare condition Ramsay-Hunt syndrome, which has helped shape his path to healing. As a result of a shingles attack stemming from personal trauma, Witz developed a rare condition, leaving him with partial paralysis on the right side of his face, head, and neck. The artist embraced courage and creativity to overcome and hopes to inspire others with his resilience.

Teaming up with industry greats like Native Wayne Jobson and Jeff Barry, Witz’s ‘Jamaica Time’ showcased the harmonious togetherness of Eddie Witz and The Most High. Enriched with layers of complexity, his inaugural single, ‘My Island’, revealed in October 2023, captivated audiences, soared to #3 on College Radio Charts across multiple nations, and secured regular airplay on Sirius/XM Vacation Radio Channel. With two infectious hit-worthy singles under his belt and an enthralling debut album on the way, Eddie Witz’s talents and unique sensibilities are destined to elevate his musical journey to impressive new heights.