ARB Releases New Single ‘Guy’ featuring Kaey

ARB (Alter-Reflective Beats) return with their latest single ‘Guy’, featuring Kaey. Consisting of Anthony Osunde (Dr.T), Odenose Dele-Damisa (OD), and Ifeoluwa Adedeji (Ifektive), their afrobeat vocals and understanding of grime beats and string instruments combine to produce an upbeat tune that inspires people to hustle. Despite their collective tendency towards overthinking, they share the common value that no one should ever give up on their survival.

They are motivated by a passion for the live music experience, so the energetic anthem showcases their multifaceted sound. ARB presents perceptive tunes that, via their complex sound, elicit contemplation, physical activity, and social conscience. The track’s captivating production, which includes trumpet, saxophone, cello, violin, piano and bass guitar sounds, draws the listener in right away.

With this exciting release, ARB invites listeners to a captivating journey showcasing their innovative AfroGrime, Afrobeats, Afrobeat, Afropop, and Afrofusion stylings that will bring their dynamic take on the genres to the forefront.

On the release, ARB comments, “It means the world to me as it blends all the different sub-genres that I play, into one song. It is unique and provokes the listener to interact with it without trying too hard. In the campaign promo for Guy, we will implement the “10k hussle campaign” which will see us award 10k Naira to hardworking traders and market sellers in a bid to encourage their hustling and to appreciate their hard work.”

As ARB gears up for a prolific year ahead, fans can expect a series of groundbreaking releases that further solidify their place in the Afro scene, in what is a record truly embodying this genre at its absolute finest.

The band’s mission is to entertain listeners while encouraging introspection, as seen by the abbreviation ARB, which stands for Alter-Reflective Beats. Their goal is to produce music that challenges listeners to reflect carefully on the themes and narratives it tells, in addition to being a source of pleasure. The utilisation of intentional themes to express a message or feeling via music unites all of their work, regardless of the genre.

Accumulating press coverage across the likes of Unorthodox Reviews, PM New Nigeria, Business Day NG, and Vanguard News, as well as getting spins on radio stations like Kiss FM Lagos, Kissfm Abuja, Cool FM Lagos & Abuja, City FM, Hot FM, and Rhythm FM Lagos, ARB have presented themselves as an exciting musical talent with a lot of promise for the future.

Even before ARB’s debut single ‘If You Love Me’ reached one million plays across platforms, Universal Music (UNXT) signed the song to a distribution agreement. After winning the 2023 Visavis prize, they performed for audiences of more than 50,000 individuals across nine music festivals throughout continental Spain and The Canary Islands. ARB has collaborated with several well-known artists, including ‘Odumodublvck’, ‘Made Kuti’, ‘Goya Menor’, and Superstar producer ‘London’, all of whom are included on their previous releases and most recent album, Altercation.

‘Guy’ is poised to make a lasting impact and bring new perspectives to ARB’s already illustrious discography.