Country Riser Lane Smith Releases Touching New Single ‘Austin’

Trailblazing throughout the country scene, singer-songwriter Lane Smith has released his new single “Austin.” This heartfelt and evocative composition was recorded at The Castle Recording Studios near Franklin, TN, and produced by Brandon Hood.

Lane Smith, alongside esteemed songwriters Peter Daniel Newman and Kelly McKay, delivers a powerful narrative that paints a vivid picture of love and longing. “Austin” takes listeners on a soul-stirring voyage back to the streets of Austin, Texas, where love once thrived and now lies in the realm of cherished memories.

The song’s melody, carried by Lane Smith’s smooth and refreshing voice, effortlessly transports the audience to the vibrant heart of Austin, Texas. The gentle yet inviting breeze of the melody, combined with the twang of acoustic guitars and the steady rhythm of the drums, creates a timeless yet refreshingly contemporary musical backdrop.

In “Austin,” Lane Smith’s vocal prowess takes center stage. His performance exudes authenticity and unwavering conviction, inviting listeners to connect with the deep well of emotions he pours into every note. As Lane croons about the yearning to return to Austin, Texas, in hopes of rekindling a lost love, his sincerity shines through, making it evident that this isn’t just another country song about heartache. “Austin” is a personal reflection on what might have been, and it touches the soul in a way that few songs can.