Paloma Unveils New Video ‘Black Eyes’

Step into a digital world with PALOMA’s thrilling new video, “Black Eyes”. Featuring her powerful songwriting, music composition, and an enthralling vocal performance, “Black Eyes” is an electrifying exploration of our contemporary digital age.

With a narrative built around the omnipresence of our online existence, the video is a collaboration between the visionary director and cinematographer, Alexander Sargent, and the multi-talented PALOMA. Together, they shed light on the reality of today’s youth: ensnared in a world dominated by AI, social media, and the ever-engulfing expanse of online entertainment apps.

PALOMA passionately expressed, “I embarked on this project to highlight how young individuals are now more immersed in a virtual digital universe than the tangible world surrounding them.”

Join PALOMA to celebrate the release of “Black Eyes” with her eight piece band at the legendary Cafe Wha? in NYC. This iconic venue, where legends like Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and other illustrious musicians once graced, is all set to witness PALOMA’s magic.