Zacchae’us Paul Makes Candid Records Debut With New Single “Mama Said”

Zacchae’us Paul releases his new single “Mama Said” on storied and recently relaunched Jazz label Candid Records. Paul spoke on the single saying, “Mama Said” is more than just a song for me; it’s a heartfelt ode to the extraordinary Black women who have shaped my very being. In this track, I pour out my admiration and gratitude for the incredible matriarchs in my life.” Zacchae’us will play “Mama Said” as well as other new offerings on April 24th at Brooklyn’s Public Records.

Zacchae’us’ music is a fresh take on jazz, blending Atlanta hip-hop, gospel, and Caribbean rhythms. With influences from his upbringing in Atlanta, Georgia and studies in Puerto Rico, Paul crafts a youthful and thoughtful sound. Paul’s musical journey began in his childhood home studio, influenced by his step-father and experiences in church. His exploration of jazz intensified after discovering Duke Ellington, leading him to pursue music beyond the church community. Studying in Puerto Rico expanded his musical horizons, despite facing challenges like Hurricane Irma while there.

Zacchae’us dedicates the song to his mother, Wanda Cox. He says, “Her unwavering love and firm guidance have sculpted me into who I am today; my grandmothers, Patricia Cox and Pauline Paul, whose stories and culinary delights have left an indelible mark on my soul; and my stepmother, Jaree Clements, or as we lovingly call her, ‘Other Momma’, whose unyielding support and nurturing presence has been a constant source of strength. Additionally, I can’t forget my beautiful momma in love, Maryse Jean-Baptiste, whose reminders to stay true to my word and her soulful storytelling and loving melodies have shaped my character. In ‘Mama Said’, I celebrate the myriad ways in which these extraordinary women have shaped not only my life but also the world around me. They are the embodiment of beauty, strength, resilience, and grace, and through their love and guidance, they have enriched my life in ways I can never fully express. So here’s to the wonderful black women in my life, to their boundless love, their unwavering strength, and their enduring legacy. “Mama Said” is my tribute to you, a testament to the profound impact you have had on my life and the world around me.”

Earlier this year, Zacchae’us played a packed show at Brooklyn’s Baby’s Alright during NYC Winter Jazzfest. where Giovani Russenello of the New York Times singled Zacchae’us out as an artist to watch calling him “my biggest surprise of the weekend.”

Zacchae’us is part of a new generation of Candid Records artists which also includes Milena Casado and Morgan Guerin, all of whom have come to the label via Candid A&R consultant Terri Lyne Carrington. The recently relaunched label – which already has 4 Grammy wins to its credit since 2021 – is building on its legacy as one of the most storied and influential American independent labels of the 1960s. More info on the new Candid Records here.

From 1960-1963, founder, A&R man, and producer Nat Hentoff recorded over 30 extraordinary albums for the Candid Records label. One cannot underestimate the breadth of these recordings – from bebop to the avant-garde, to blues. Candid sat dormant for years until Black Lion Records founder and producer, Alan Bates, bought the label in 1989. The next phase of Candid Records is happening now. Since its relaunch in 2021 the label has reissued over 30 titles to high critical acclaim. Thanks to brilliant new releases, Candid has received four GRAMMY awards – 2024 winners the Count Basie Orchestra, 2023 winners Terri Lyne Carrington and Wayne Shorter, and 2022 winner Eliane Elias. Today’s Candid is not only committed to its legacy but looks forward to defining its future with the quality music that is synonymous with its elite heritage. Learn more at