Thomas Bergersen Unveils Heartfelt Holiday Single, “You Gave Me Christmas”

Renowned composer Thomas Bergersen is spreading the holiday cheer with the release of his latest single, “You Gave Me Christmas.”
This soul-stirring composition is more than just a festive tune; it carries a profound personal connection and a heartfelt dedication.

In a recent statement, Bergersen shared the poignant inspiration behind “You Gave Me Christmas.” The composer reflects on the special individuals in our lives who, despite being physically absent, continue to evoke smiles and warm memories. In particular, Bergersen pays homage to his beloved grandfather, Bernhard, who passed away on December 7th several years ago. He also acknowledges the enduring presence of his grandmother, Wenche, in their hearts.
You Gave Me Christmas is a story about melancholy for the past, joy for the present and about transforming wonderful memories into new memories for coming generations.

Norwegian vocalist and soprano Veronika Moan has created two amazing and magical versions of the song in both English and Norwegian languages. Musically, “You Gave Me Christmas” is expected to deliver Bergersen’s signature orchestral brilliance, blending emotive melodies with powerful arrangements. As a composer renowned for his ability to evoke a wide range of emotions through music, Bergersen’s latest release promises to be a moving and evocative experience for listeners.

Read below Thomas Bergersen’s staterment:
“We all have this special person that we miss dearly but that also makes us smile when we think back at them. And who taught us things about life that we pass on to ourself and our kids.
Our beloved grandfather Bernhard passed away on a Dec 7th. It’s many years ago, but we keep him (and our grandmother Wenche) in our hearts. He is the inspiration behind the lyrics of “You Gave Me Christmas”.
We dedicate this song to all out there who miss someone they loved. The memories live on❤️❤️❤️
Thomas and Sophie.”

With “You Gave Me Christmas,” Thomas Bergersen invites us to embrace the holiday season with both joy and reflection. The single not only showcases his musical prowess but also highlights the emotional depth and personal connections that can be woven into the fabric of a song. As listeners embark on this musical journey, they are encouraged to find solace in the memories of their loved ones and celebrate the enduring spirit of those who have touched their lives.