The Badly Behaved Release ‘Who am I?’

The Badly Behaved released the single version of Who am I? on the 14th of July. Who am I? is
the title track and the first track from The Badly Behaved’s album released last year. It has been
updated and mixed by the highly renowned British producer Jamie Sellers for release as a single and
is a 126 BPM dance track.

Richard von Kalmar of The Badly Behaved says “The song is about a successful musician or actor who
questions his or her own self-image and how he or she is perceived by the rest of the world.
However, it actually applies to every one of us and the identity issues and questions of self-worth
that we all face.”

The Badly Behaved is a band from Berlin. The band released a remix of their track Runaway in July
2022, which reached No. 1 on the European Indie Music Chart. It was remixed by Philipp Lauer, a
German producer and DJ (We Write About Music interview), and followed the release of the band’s
10-track Who am I? album in May 2022 (Essentially Pop interview).
The Badly Behaved’s music making philosophy is to build on existing music that inspires them while
always daring to try new things. The lyrics usually address anthropological issues and often reflect on
how we function as a society and the hypocrisy we experience.