Short Life Shares Captivating New Music Video For “Bandido”

Short Life kicks off 2024 with a new music video “Bandido.” The sensational urban latin song seamlessly fuses Mexican rock and modern trap, combining electric guitar with hip hop beats and high hats. Directed by Parr, the latest visuals depict Short Life and crew on a heist in the wild west.

Short Life discussing the concept for the video:

““Bandido” is a tribute to old-western heist movies as the plot follows the artist stealing a heart shaped money bag with the rest of his bandits to enjoy the benefits. The money bag in this story serves as a poetic representation of stealing an ex’s lover’s heart after a relationship, embodying the swaying emotions and intrusive thoughts through heart break.”

“Bandido” came about while Short Life and his brother, producer/video director Parr, were reflecting back on their roots growing up in Monterrey, Mexico surrounded by mexican rock and romantic ballads. “Bandido” tackles heartbreak, denial, and the many emotions that are a result of a breakup. Short Life was inspired by artists such as Mana and Bad Bunny for their “Ability to poetically create a story from all angles and infuse emotion into their songs,” he explains.

Born in Monterrey, Mexico, now based in Texas, Short Life is a multitalented latin artist and DIY creative. His moniker “Short Life” represents the idea that life is too short not to break the rules, in order to bring something new into the world. Short Life’s 2023 collaboration with Luna Luna “Dance With U” has amassed over 300k streams on Spotify alone. With his wide-ranging musical versatility and astonishing visuals, Short Life is an artist to watch in 2024.