Mitchell Coleman JR. Brings Hope With New Funk/Jazz Track “Rising’’ Out January 26, 2024

Mitchell Coleman Jr.’s new song, “Rising,” is about to hit the airwaves in January 2024, and it’s got everyone curious. Coleman shared that this song came from a tough time in his life. He said, “This song tells the story of getting through tough times. It’s for people who keep on going, no matter what.”

Coleman is known for playing the bass guitar really well. He explained how he creates music, starting with a beat that guides how the bass guitar sounds. Then, he works with other musicians who add their own sounds to make the music richer.

“Rising” mixes different kinds of music, like Smooth Jazz and funk, showing Coleman’s own special style. He says, “Funk is how I express myself, and Jazz is where I take a musical trip.”

Coleman worked with a producer named Michael B Sutton and some talented musicians to make this song special.
They all played different instruments to make the music stand out:

  • Keyboard: Michael B. Sutton and Hiroshi Upshur
  • Guitar: Josh Sklair
  • Saxophone: Ilya Skibinsky
  • Mixed and Mastered by Chris Valentine

The title, “Rising,” talks about being strong and staying hopeful. Coleman faced some tough times while making this song, but he didn’t give up. He hopes this song makes people feel happy and ready to dance.
Coleman feels this song has helped him get better at making music. He’s planning to share it a lot and maybe do more music soon.

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Photo credits: Anissa Sutton