Marie-Claire Giraud Releases Inspirational New Single ”Chasin Rainbows”

Marie-Claire Giraud, the multifaceted soprano, jazz singer, actor and songwriter proud to announce the release of her latest single, “Chasin’ Rainbows.” The uplifting track is a testament to perseverance and the pursuit of dreams despite adversity.

“Chasin’ Rainbows” is a heartfelt anthem that encourages listeners to never give up on their aspirations, no matter the challenges they face. Marie-Claire shares, “This song is about not giving up on your dreams ever and no matter the storm, there is ALWAYS a rainbow, so never ever ever ever give up.”

Recorded at Leesta Vall Sound Recordings ( in Brooklyn, NYC in 2023, “Chasin’ Rainbows” showcases Marie-Claire’s distinctive vocal prowess and emotive delivery. The single’s production captures the essence of hope and resilience, resonating with audiences worldwide.

Marie-Claire’s journey to the release of “Chasin’ Rainbows” is as inspiring as the song itself. Last year, she submitted her original composition to NPR’s Tiny Desk Song Contest . It was through this platform and from the over 4000 entries that Leesta Vall Sound Recorings discovered her talent, selecting her song for their prestigious Direct-To-Vinyl Series.

A native of Dominica, raised in The Bronx, Marie-Claire’s artistic journey has taken her across continents. Trained in opera in Rome, Italy, she has since explored various genres, finding her true voice as a soprano. The pandemic provided a period of reflection, during which Marie-Claire overcame obstacles hindering her creative expression.

With “Chasin’ Rainbows” as a beacon of her renewed creative spirit, Marie-Claire has a multitude of projects on the horizon. From screenplays to novels, EPs to musicals, she continues to captivate audiences with her boundless talent and unwavering determination.

A version of ”Chasin Rainbows” is available on all streaming platforms.