Lauren Black Makes Waves with New Country Crossover Single “Tides”

Lauren Black introduces modern Coastal Country to the music industry with the release of her long-awaited single “Tides.” Fresh off of the success of her latest solo single, “Hurricanes,” which has gained over 200k+ Spotify streams within the first few weeks of release, anticipation for new Lauren Black music has skyrocketed from new fans across the globe and a solid mix of commercial pop and Country music lovers. “Tides” is Black’s third original single of 2023, following “Your Number,” released in June 2023 with co-collaborators Corey Curtis and Bobby Crane.

“Tides” was written by Lauren Black, Sarah Dugas, Danielle Thompson (Dani N Thompson), and Robert Raymond Crane JR (Bobby Crane), who also produced the track. The dreamy, mysterious mid-tempo song has a multi-genre commercial appeal that can easily fit into Top 40 and Country music lineups. It has a bpm of 132 and a run time of 00:3:30. Organic instrumentals made up of a combination of steel guitar, banjo, keys, and live and programmed drums bring the track to life and feature musicians Hunter Delbridge-Pea (guitar), Stephen Taylor (drums), and Steen Kevett (bass). The album artwork was creatively directed by Lauren Black and photographed by Taylor Tuxford.

“Tides,” tells the story of a tumultuous relationship and how it compares to the unpredictable nature of the ocean—the highs of highs and the lows of lows. The emotional ups and downs of unstable relationships will drown you in emotions, and the happiest moments and memories breathe life into you and wash you back to shore. Despite being written about an unpredictable love, “Tides” is a feel-good Country-Pop track with a memorable topline and charming attention-grabbing vocal performance.

“I’m so excited to finally get this song out into the world and the ears of my listeners. We took a chance here, veering away a bit from the traditional Country format by incorporating some experimental atmospheric sounds that marry Pop and Country Music, and I pray it is well received and loved by music lovers everywhere.” – Lauren Black @laurenblackmusic

“Tides” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Lauren Black is available for interviews. Please send interview requests to Dani N Thompson. For more information, please visit and reference the links below:

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Lauren Black is an American Country – Pop Singer/Songwriter who has cultivated a loyal fanbase through her live performances, independent releases, and collaborative debuts. She has worked hard to remain independent and has garnered industry respect and support for her talent, work ethic, and impressive songwriting catalog. Lauren’s professional career began in 2010 when she won Alice Cooper’s Proof is in the Pudding Songwriting Competition and opened for him at the Comerica Theatre in her hometown of Phoenix, AZ. Since then, she was named runner-up in CMT’s 17th Annual NSAI Song Contest for her song “Scope,” followed by a winning seat in MTV’s Cover of the Month contest, where her version of “At My Best” hit 34 million votes. Spotify’s recognition of her cover of Chance the Rapper’s “Same Drugs” landed her on the Discover Weekly playlist and hit over 1.5 million streams in 2023. Lauren Black released her first original single, “Hurricanes,” since 2019, which garnered over 200K organic streams in the first few weeks of release, followed by “Your Number,” a collaborative project with Corey Curtis and producer Bobby Crane. “Tides” is Lauren Black’s third single of 2023.

Source: DNT Entertainment