Junebug Unleashes Folkcore New Album ‘My Therapist Told Me’

Singer-songwriter Carolyn Fahrner, known by her stage name Junebug, is set for an exciting musical journey in 2023. Renowned for her unique blend of indie-folk-rock, often labeled as the creative force behind “Folkcore,” she’s about to introduce a fresh wave of music to her eager audience. After captivating our ears with her debut EP, ‘Turncoat,’ in June 2021, her new release, ‘My Therapist Told Me,’ is out now and is an authentic labor of love.

Junebug’s music is a fusion of courage, candor, and the occasional touch of vulnerability. Her songs feel like intimate conversations, striking a balance between casual and deeply introspective. This essence permeates every note of the 6-song EP. From the opening track, “If I Could Understand,” to her latest gem, “Therapy,” Junebug showcases her artistic versatility, leaving us yearning for more.

Drawing inspiration from the folk and rock music of the 60s and 70s, she pays homage to legendary acts like The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, and Simon & Garfunkel. Beyond these classic influences, she draws creative energy from contemporary artists such as Indigo De Souza, Elanor Moss, Madison Cunningham, and Christian Lee Hutson, as well as modern icons like Big Thief, Adrienne Lenker, Phoebe Bridgers, Feist, Alice Phoebe Lou, Orla Gartland, Soccer Mommy, and Andy Shauf.

Carolyn’s musical journey commenced at the age of twelve when she received her first guitar and began crafting her own compositions. Soon, she was performing in her hometown of Cambridge, MA. Her unique blend of philosophical musings and personal revelations carried her through college, where she fronted an indie rock group named 2% Milk.
Carolyn shares of the release:”I wrote ‘My Therapist Told Me’ over the course of 3 years of my life across numerous apartments and throughout changes in my life. When piecing together this EP, it became clear this EP was mostly one of reflection on a consistent feeling of pathologizing myself – as if I could be my own therapist. At a certain point, I think I found it humorous that I was trying so hard to understand my own thoughts when in fact there was nothing to understand.

Influenced by artists like Christian Lee Hutson and Andy Shauf, I wanted the listener to have the experience of being told a story, but hearing from different perspectives along the way. These songs are both methods of introspection and a demonstration of how much I’ve grown as a songwriter and musician since the previous EP. I’m grateful to Allen Tate who helped breath life into these songs through production, instrumentation, engineering, and mixing. My hope is that this EP finds those who relate to the feeling of over-pathologizing oneself, and the simultaneous endeavor of radical acceptance of where you are now.”

Growing up in a family deeply rooted in the musical traditions of the 60s and 70s, Carolyn’s mother is a songwriter and pianist, while her father is a composer and conductor. Her formative years were filled with singing, dancing, and playing the cello. At the age of 12, she picked up the guitar, using it as a therapeutic medium for self-expression throughout her school years.

Most of Carolyn’s lyrics draw from her own experiences and introspective musings. She firmly believes that philosophy is a wellspring of inspiration for her songwriting. While at Skidmore College, she double-majored in Philosophy and Psychology, and her introspective reflections left an indelible mark on her songwriting. The intersection of philosophy and songwriting is where Carolyn’s creativity flourishes.

Regarding the guitar compositions in this release, Junebug draws inspiration from the open tunings favored by artists like Laura Marling and Nick Drake, with hints of the styles of Andy Shauf and Alice Phoebe Lou.

Over the past couple of years, Junebug has ventured into the New York City music scene, gracing venues like The Mercury Lounge, Pete’s Candy Store, and Rubulad with her captivating performances. “My Therapist Told Me” promises to delve deeper into her vulnerability and the therapeutic value of artistic expression. Stay tuned and keep your ears primed for what’s to come.