Jeff Larson Evokes The Eternal Summer In New Single/Video From Album Out Now

Veteran California singer-songwriter-guitarist JEFF LARSON paints a beautiful picture of eternal summer with “This Summer,” the second track and video from his melodically sparkling, CA-themed album ADOBE HOME out on Nashville-based label Melody Place.

The LARSON-written “This Summer” is a gorgeously produced upbeat summer song, with an irresistible melody and harmonies that honor the history of Southern California bands like the Beach Boys and America. In fact, Brian Eichelberger from the Beach Boys band, and America’s Gerry Beckley, join LARSON for the song’s shimmering harmonies. Plus, LARSON co-produced ADOBE HOME with Beckley who plays bass and organ on “This Summer.” And Brian Young – from another sunny-sounding band, Fountains of Wayne – is on drums.

“This Summer” was premiered by Rock And Roll Globe, which noted that “…this fantastic song no doubt alludes to the ebullience of a California that only comes from being a native of the land.” Read a Q&A below with LARSON about the song.

The 13-track ADOBE HOME is JEFF LARSON’s first solo full-length album in a decade. He solely wrote eight of the songs on ADOBE HOME, plus two with legendary songwriter Jack Tempchin (of the Eagles’ “Peaceful Easy Feeling” fame); one with Beckley, and one with Robert Lamm of Chicago (see the track listing below). It’s an album with subject matter that touches on people, places, and things with styles ranging from Americana, folk-rock, power pop, and some jazz elements. The album comes on the heels of IT’LL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, his acclaimed 2023 six-song tribute EP to the late iconic singer and songwriter Tim Hardin.

The album’s first single and video was “Something of A Dream,” premiered by Wildfire Music, which noted: “Coming from an album that takes inspiration from California, it’s not surprising that the lyric video for ‘Something of a Dream’ does fit very well with the colors and moods of Adobe Home. While lyric videos vary widely, the animated quality of this one does add considerably to the poetic feeling and imagery of the track, taking us into golden hour colors, terra cotta interiors, and out onto the desert highway, too. It’s a definite bonus to the experience of the song to see this flowing and inviting video alongside it.”

Here are the production credits for “This Summer”:
(Words & Music: Jeff Larson)
Jeff Larson: Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar
Gerry Beckley: Vocal, Bass, Organ
Brian Eichelberger: Backing Vocals
Jim Hoke: Celeste, Kalimba
Steve Fekete: Electric Slide Guitar
Brian Young: Drums and Percussion

Here’s a Q&A with LARSON about “This Summer.”

“This Summer” is a perfect summer song, with an irresistible melody and harmonies that honor the history of Southern California bands like the Beach Boys and America. Can you tell us about how the song was born?

I wrote and recorded the song as a personal soundtrack to the Summer of 2022. From what I recall, I was walking on the coast and talking into my phone with lyric and melody ideas from overhearing people visiting, reunions, and embracing surf, sun, and all the usual clichés. I also pulled from my own childhood with memories of riding bikes and just playing until the sun went down.

In fact, Brian Eichelberger from the Beach Boys band, and Beckley, join you for the song’s harmonies. Plus, you co-produced the album with Beckley. And Brian Young—from another sunny-sounding band, Fountains of Wayne—is on drums. It’s really the perfect DNA for a “summer” song. How did this all come together?

Yes, in the past when I wrote a song like this I would turn to my friend Jeffrey Foskett (Beach Boys, Brian Wilson), but that was not an option due to his health. I sang all the harmonies initially but it needed another voice besides mine in the mix. I reached out to Gerry (Beckley)and he also suggested Brian Eichelberger. That was a good call and it worked out perfectly for this song. Brian Young on drums was also essential in adding the energy it needed and taking it away from my initial throwback approach.

There is an undeniable wide-open optimism in the lyrics, and the song comes on like the perfect tonic for a troubled world. Can you describe your mindset when you were writing it?

I usually have some degree of melancholy in my lyrics (and voice), but for this song, it really was an exercise in trying to stay on message and relay a sense of fun and positivity. It’s a little rare in that other songs I have written in this vein usually have troubled verses and then resolve is found in the chorus. I initially didn’t take the song that seriously, but Gerry and some others liked it – so I followed through and it came alive. If it comes across as a good “feel” song, that’s great – mission accomplished.

What are your own thoughts about California—what has it always represented to you? Do you feel that is still the case?

Well, I am a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. This record (Adobe Home) is really just trying to focus on where I landed in the San Diego area and just making an audio statement around that. I would hate to say I am defined by a state or state of mind; I’m not, but I do love “the place” that is California. It is far more varied than most people see. There are plenty of issues, but that is true almost everywhere. I do know what it is to commute i traffic. I know the pace of technology intimately, having lived within it. I have raised a family here. All said, I am content with this place and still see it as inspiring.

The track listing and songwriting credits for ADOBE HOME are as follows:

  1. Adobe Home (Words & Music: Jeff Larson)
  2. Something of a Dream (Words & Music: Jeff Larson)
  3. Pretty Soon (Words & Music: Jeff Larson)
  4. Hold Inside (Words & Music: Gerry Beckley)
  5. This Summer (Words & Music: Jeff Larson)
  6. The Name of the Song (Words & Music: Jeff Larson & Jack Tempchin)
  7. She Comes Around (Words & Music: Jeff Larson & Gerry Beckley)
  8. Better Part of the Morning (Words & Music: Jeff Larson)
  9. You Can Fly (Words & Music: Jeff Larson & Jack Tempchin)
  10. Even Though (Words & Music: Jeff Larson)
  11. Week of Rain (Words & Music: Jeff Larson)
  12. A Matter of Time (Words & Music: Jeff Larson & Robert Lamm)
  13. Santa Ana Sunset (Words & Music: Jeff Larson)

JEFF LARSON is a veteran singer-songwriter from the San Francisco Bay area. Musically, Jeff got his start under the wing of producer Elliot Mazer (Neil Young, The Band) playing in clubs and venues throughout the Bay area. As a native Californian, the influences are obviously present and reach from the golden era of L.A.’s Laurel Canyon singer-songwriter scene to the Bay area’s musical heritage and the tension between the two. While remaining a solo artist, he’s collaborated with Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell of America, Chicago’s Robert Lamm, John Blakeley of The Sandals, and Eagles songwriter Jack Tempchin, among others. His prolific body of work created over the years has been released by various means and labels with licensing opportunities with JVC Victor Japan, Universal / Rhino, BMG and others from The Netherlands to Japan. “Larson’s earnest vocals and unwaveringly engaging folk-rock-country songs have an alluring feel,” wrote the San Jose Mercury News in 2011 about his album The World Over. “Larson’s warm, wonderful songs will grab you immediately and just get better with each subsequent listening. Every one of the 10 numbers here proves to be an individual gem.”