Interview: Miss Storm

Could you share the story behind your latest song and what inspired its creation?

Lights Camera Action is a tease for my listeners showcasing my Hip-hop and Rnb edge and revealing a more seductive side of my artistry to my audience 

How do you approach the process of songwriting, and are there any specific themes or emotions you tend to explore in your music?

I don’t have a cookie cutter process when it comes to creating at all.

My Songwriting process depends on various factors Being that I write for myself for sync licenses and for other artists the demand changes often.

When it comes to Miss Storm’s  past projects I tend to think outside the box I spend time expressing my point of views on hard to swallow topics like racism police brutality and community advocacy. But ..I’m very multi deminsional and create based on how I feel.

As an indie musician, how do you navigate the balance between creative freedom and commercial appeal?

Being an independent artist allows me the freedom to have full creative control.

I do what I want to do I create from my heart and my art is based around real life No gimmicks and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I believe indie creatives are very necessary right now.  I definitely bring balance to the game it’s not alot of females having the conversations I have and I’m reaching the demographic that they can’t resignate with.

What do you find most challenging about being an independent artist in today’s music industry?

I’d have to say the most challenging part is getting in front of the people because it is so oversaturated and it takes a lot of money to keep up with the marketing to cut through to be heard and it can be physically and financially exhausting.

Can you talk about your experiences collaborating with other artists or musicians? 

I really enjoy collaborating with other artists and musicians It allows me to step into another realm and gives me an opportunity to bring them into my world too

It keeps me sharp. 

Are there any particular artists or genres that have had a significant impact on your musical style?

Most definitely influenced by Baby Face Busta Rhymes Salt n Peppa Queen Latifah M.J.B U.G.K and many others I love music especially 80s and 90s Hip-hop and rnb soul.

Indie musicians often have a close relationship with their fanbase. How do you engage with your fans and build a dedicated community around your music?

I’m pretty down to earth I love engagement with my fanbase I talk to them on my social media platforms and I email them updates and exclusive interviews and visuals to show my appreciation.

Could you describe a memorable live performance experience or tour that has had a lasting impact on you and your music?

Oh I have so many memorable experiences throughout my career. I remember meeting DJ Khalid when I was 20 years old on tour and I also remember being on tour with Lil Wayne and both of these Icons were two of the most humble artists I’ve ever met and my takeaway from them both was to always remember where I come from always remain humble and treat everyone with respect!