Interview: Kicknut

GRIND ZONE—we wanted to ROCK stadiums across the globe like Michael Bolten meets the White Stripes, but in an industrial part of the South Bronx with a large beverage of your choice.

How do you approach the process of songwriting, and are there any specific themes or
emotions you tend to explore in your music?

We write collaboratively, in the studio, feeling actual human connection when we play our instruments and write our lyrics. We are exploring the hilarity of life and how much the current computer sounding bands suck. We usually are holding hands the whole time, shirts optional.

As an indie musician, how do you navigate the balance between creative freedom and
commercial appeal?

We do not care about commercial appeal. we write to make ourselves laugh. You either get the joke or you are the joke.

What do you find most challenging about being an independent artist in today’s music

Having to listen to a lot of crappy music? seems like this is the most opportunity in history, so thankful to be alive in fine and fair 2024.

Can you talk about your experiences collaborating with other artists or musicians? How
does it influence your creative process?

We Love collaboration, it’s the core of our process. Music tends to go in directions that you could not predict as a solo artist. Bands are the way of life. One lone, sad person at a laptop is for the feeble.

What role does technology and social media play in promoting your music and
connecting with your audience?

Everything. we have looked into buying an AM radio station.

Are there any particular artists or genres that have had a significant impact on your
musical style?

Metal. Rap. Meme Culture.

Indie musicians often have a close relationship with their fanbase. How do you engage
with your fans and build a dedicated community around your music?

We are currently in construction of this very topic.

Could you describe a memorable live performance experience or tour that has had a
lasting impact on you and your music?

One time we left NYC at 6am to be in Rochester for a 2pm soundcheck. we shared memes and cry laughter, that’s the moment i knew it was real love.

In an era of streaming platforms, how do you feel about the changing landscape of
music consumption and its impact on independent musicians?

It is tough to break through the 130k tracks released a day. BUT WITH GRIND ZONE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.: