Eric Sommer Releases Captivating New Single “Red Dress” Inspired by a Moment of Serendipity

Renowned singer-songwriter Eric Sommer is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, “Red Dress.” The mesmerizing track, born out of a moment of inspiration, showcases Sommer’s exceptional talent and evocative storytelling.

Sommer vividly recounts the genesis of “Red Dress” during a quiet evening in a hotel room in Westport, a charming section of Kansas City, MO. With his trusty “Jay Turser” guitar by his side and a brand-new slide acquired from Corner Music in Nashville, he found himself captivated by the city skyline. As Sommer explored different riffs and melodies, an enchanting intro materialized seemingly out of thin air.

Driven by his passion for creating music, Sommer dedicated hours to refining the newfound melody, molding it into the captivating slide-infused song it has become today. However, it was a chance encounter with a film that truly brought “Red Dress” to life. While watching the iconic movie “The Matrix,” Sommer’s attention was seized by a particular scene where the protagonist, Neo, finds himself in the construct, crossing paths with a mysterious woman donning a striking red dress. In that instant, Sommer knew he had discovered the missing pieces to complete his composition.

In the wake of this serendipitous encounter, Sommer swiftly transcribed a series of verses, carefully crafting a chorus that perfectly encapsulated the essence of the “Red Dress” narrative. The song emerged as an enchanting tapestry of emotions and imagery, showcasing Sommer’s remarkable ability to transport listeners into his musical universe.

“Red Dress” is a testament to Eric Sommer’s songwriting prowess, captivating audiences with its compelling blend of heartfelt lyrics, enthralling melodies, and masterful slide guitar work. With this latest release, Sommer continues to establish himself as a dynamic artist capable of crafting authentic and soul-stirring compositions.

Listeners can now experience the magic of “Red Dress” on all major streaming platforms: