EDB-BROOKSY Releases New Single ‘Dem Mus Feel’

After gearning spins on radio stations like BBC 1xtra and Kemet FM, as well as an interview on Notts TV in Nottingham, British rapper and songwriter EDB-BROOKSY returns with his latest offering ‘Dem Mus Feel”.

EDB-BROOKSY effortlessly weaves together multi-faceted musicality and genre-defying elements in his music. His distinctive voice and strong punchy bars showcase his raw talent while gracefully delivering epic tunes.

The title and hook ‘dem mus feel’ are derived from an old Jamaican saying, “if dem cyan hear? Dem mus feel.”

When EDB-BROOKSY is creating music, he initially listens to beats until one hits. Once the spark hits, he delves into the theme and vibe of the track. When he heard this particular beat to ‘Dem Mus Feel’, it took him back to his childhood skanking in mx3 in Negril watching Ninja Man perform live as a young teenager. The instrumentation had a classic dancehall tone, in turn capturing the essence of his inspiration to create a soundclash war-type track.

Because of EDB-BROOKSY’s catchy bars, impressive voice, and smooth presentation, you’ll be raising your hands like you’re at a rave and beckoning the DJ to drop more.

Amongst talented upcoming British artists, EDB-BROOKSY is a promising rising star with his versatile artistry. With more music on the horizon, he is poised to continue evolving as an artist, gripping audiences with his personal lyricism and boppin’ beats.