Dimitris Loizos Releases His New Blues-Rock Single “Make Up Your Mind”

Blues-Rock guitarist and songwriter Dimitris Loizos released his new single “Make Up Your Mind” on April 26th. This track is a standout from Dimitris’s upcoming EP, “Back to the Blues”. It’s a slow blues song that features simple guitar licks and two verses. The lyrics tell the story of a partner who’s struggling to make up their mind, and the song emphasizes how Dimitris keeps turning to the blues to express his feelings. This upcoming collection pays homage to the artist’s blues roots while incorporating modern twists that reflect his diverse musical influences and personal growth.

Dimitris Loizos handles both the music and lyrics for his latest single, while also serving as its producer. Alongside him, Petros Kaloritis on keys, Christos Pirris on bass, and Marco Rovinelli on drums contribute their talents to the track. Antonis Konstantinidis mixes the sound, Siopis Masters masters it, and Jade Wheldon provides striking visuals.

Dimitris is an artist who embodies the spirit of the blues while continuously exploring avenues of creativity, mindfulness, and artistic expression. His guitar playing has long been recognized, but recent projects have also highlighted his compelling vocal abilities, adding a new layer to his musical portfolio.

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Dimitris moved to London, England in 2019 where he has been developing as both a musician and a music producer. His discography includes an emotionally charged EP titled “Soul Searching” and three singles: “Her Song,” “I’ll Give You All I’ve Got,” and “Purple Candles.” These tracks have collectively amassed over 500 thousand streams on Spotify, a testament to his growing influence in the modern blues scene.

Dimitris’s music, while firmly rooted in blues, showcases a broad palette of influences. From the soulful depths of BB King to the psychedelic echoes of Pink Floyd, and the smooth rock vibes of Dire Straits and Peter Green.

Beyond the studio, Dimitris engages with a vibrant online community. His presence on social media is impressive, with 135K followers on Instagram, 110K on TikTok, and 10K on YouTube. These platforms not only allow him to share his music but also to connect with fans through behind-the-scenes content, performance clips, and personal updates, making his journey as an artist relatable and accessible to fans around the world.