Country Music Star Niko Moon Announces Documentary Film And Water Project

The chart-topping ‘Better Days’ country artist Niko Moon has announced his new water brand, which will be followed up by a new eye-opening documentary film related to clean water.

Happy Himalayan Premium Artesian Water is a new exciting water company that will be a first of its kind here in America bringing Artesian water from a 400ft deep aquifer source in the serene hills of Virginia, infused with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt; It will bring the Earth’s finest natural electrolytes to everyone’s hydration experience.
“With everything I do in life, I want it to have a positive impact. With Happy Himalayan, I’m bringing bottled water to the world that they can truly be happy about!” Niko tells BWW in a statement.

In addition to announcing the pre-orders of Happy Himalayan on Earth Day, Niko has also teased that he has been filming while out on tour a special documentary film entitled Dirty Water, which will ask people to really think about what is actually in their cups of water.

“One of the most important things you can put in your body is clean water. And this documentary will dive into what exactly ‘clean water’ is, how important water is to your own health & well being, and just how “clean” our water here in America actually is… You’d be surprised! As Niko dives into these questions by talking to popular stars, athletes, doctors and experts, he also takes viewers on a journey as he creates his own brand of water infusing all the things he has discovered into the purest and cleanest water we can all be happy about drinking,” reads a brief synopsis of the film.

The film is being put together in partnership with DirecTV, Michael Fishman and Michael Johnson of Mclusive Media, Good Time Touring, the Happy Cowboy Foundation and ZTPR, with Niko and his wife Anna Moon executive producing the film alongside Zack Teperman and Quinton Kelley as producers. Alex Ayala is serving as the documentary’s Director of Photography and Cinematographer, with a release date of the movie tentatively scheduled for later in 2024.

In the meantime, pre-orders for Niko’s new water option are available now on, with orders expected to ship by early June and be in participating retailers later this year.