Singer/Songwriter Sam Paige Drops ‘People Pleaser’ Single

Sam Paige has released her new single “People Pleaser” along with a music video. The song came to life during a co-write with Nashville, TN Producer Alex Seier. Sam says, “As I grow in my life and as an artist, it is important to me that I tackle things in my own life that I need to improve on and or at the very least acknowledge without shame. It is my hope that others will hear this song and identify with my honest admission that I am a serial people pleaser. It’s never too late to change and through songwriting I find it very therapeutic to address my shortcomings. I do love pleasing people, however I am also learning to please myself.”

The lyrics paint the story of a woman who cannot handle the mental exhaustion that comes from always trying to make everyone happy. She desperately needs a change as she sings, “Just wanna make myself see that / I don’t gotta hide my feelings every day.” The song and music video continue to show us all of these versions of Sam as she thanks a special someone in her life for making her see that it is okay to put herself first. She sings “You make me a believer / I don’t have to be a people pleaser.” Sam is looking forward to dropping a few more singles before releasing her first EP in the fall of 2024.

Sam Paige is a singer/songwriter from Edison, New Jersey who isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. Being inspired by artists such as Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson, Paige strives to show complete vulnerability within her music touching on topics such as love, lust, insecurity, and overall confidence. Beginning as a poet, she found inspiration to share her life struggles and feelings within her lyrics. Previously, Sam trained with “The Voice” vocal coach Coreen Sheehan, and appeared on NBC with actor Corbin Bleu, at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Sam Paige states “I feel music has healing powers, it helps people go through hard times, and it also can bring people together.” Sam is excited to release “People Pleaser” her first waterfall single on her upcoming EP releasing in the fall of 2024.