Rebekka Louise Dives Into Emotional Depths In Experimental Album ‘Shame Is An Old Friend’

About Shame Is An Old Friend
Delving into the complexities of mental health, ‘Shame Is An Old Friend’ offers a candid exploration of the struggles faced by those experiencing mental health challenges, and also their loved ones standing by them. Boldly addressing feelings of guilt, despair, and the often difficult journey of choosing oneself, this album highlights the delicate push and pull of relationships amid internal struggles.

Speaking on the album’s creation, Rebekka Louise explains:

“My aim was to explore all the different aspects of being someone who’s struggling and being in a relationship with someone who’s struggling. I wanted to express how it makes both parties feel and the complexities involved. Creating this album was a cathartic experience for me, helping me understand my own emotions and gain a deeper understanding of others.”

Each of the eight tracks feature raw and unfiltered lyrics, capturing the essence of Rebekka’s unwavering self-expression. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists including Aurora, Maria Mena, The Neighbourhood, Billie Eilish, and Madison Beer, Rebekka has crafted a unique sound that is equally experimental and emotionally resonant.

‘Shame Is An Old Friend’ predominantly delves into the intricacies of electronica, with live string sections swimming in and out of the soundscape. A standout feature of ‘Shame Is An Old Friend’ is Rebekka’s exceptional vocal performance. Her voice navigates and translates the intricate emotional landscape of the album with remarkable depth and clarity, bringing a raw authenticity to each track. The heartfelt delivery and powerful vocal range showcase Rebekka’s extraordinary talent, drawing listeners into the intimate and poignant world of their music. The recording process took place primarily in Rebekka’s living room, with select tracks recorded at Tileyard Studios in London.

Speaking on the creation process, Rebekka shares:

“I wanted to challenge myself with the sound, experimenting with digital instruments to create something unique. It was incredibly fun and rewarding to push the boundaries of what I could do with synthetic sounds.”