Orion Redwolf Sculpts a Fantastic Sonic World with Upcoming Single ‘Glow’

‘Glow’ is a transformative track from Orion Redwolf, as the producer prepares for monthly releases well into 2025. This upcoming single, along with his recent release ‘Stormy Days’, marks Orion Redwolf’s first collaborative works with a co-producer on his own material. Matt Wyatt (Night Teacher, Self) supported Redwolf’s music at his personal studio, Tree and Booms, through engineering and his signature jazz-oriented drumming style. Speaking on the collaborative approach to ‘Glow’, Orion Redwolf shares,

“Music has always been my way of connecting with the world and most people I know stem from music in some context or the other. It makes sense that extending that into the production would feel great! Glow is special in that it had a community around the creation; Matt’s influence on the sonics and Elie’s influences on the lyrics.”

With the two creatives combined, Redwolf’s vision for ‘Glow’ came to life. Thematically, the fantastical lyrics that adorn ‘Glow’ were sculpted around Redwolf’s childhood memories of reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales and hold lyrical contributions from longtime collaborator Elie Bashkow. The single serenely reclines on a loping, finger-style guitar riff, whilst the Virginia-based artists’ dusty, bending vocals guide listeners on a journey through an enchanted forest. Delving into the lyrical meanings of the track, Orion shares,

“Glow is inspired by a big book of the original versions of Grimm’s Fairy Tales I read at 11 or 12 while my dad was in the hospital. In a couple of the stories, the main characters are walking through a magical forest with trees made first of Silver, then Gold and finally of Gemstones before reaching their enchanted destination.”

The varied instrumentation by Redwolf, including slide guitars and Wurlitzer sailing over Wyatt’s bombastic drumming, mirrors the lyrical narrative, creating a feeling as though fantastical characters are popping by for a cup of tea at dusk.