JoDavi’s New Song “I Won’t Go” Empowers Listeners to Overcome Challenges

Rising artist JoDavi is back with a powerful new single that will inspire listeners to overcome any obstacle that comes their way. Titled “I Won’t Go,” the song is a powerful anthem that showcases JoDavi’s dynamic vocal range and ability to craft songs that resonate with audiences.

“I Won’t Go” is an empowering track that speaks to the challenges of life and the importance of perseverance. 

“I Won’t Go is a song of defiance, aid JoDavi. The message is a statement. It was my way of planting my feet in the earth, signifying that I will not be moved so easily, no matter the consequences. I wrote it while on tour, on a plane ride to a studio in Oakland. This was a very difficult time for me emotionally as I found myself in a place where my convictions were being tested and friends were revealing themselves to be more transactional than relational, and so were deserting me. ‘I Won’t Go’ was pep-talk first to myself, but also to anyone feeling challenged to bow to mass formation psychosis. Plant your feet.”

The song is now available on all major streaming platforms.