Jewel Announces Immersive Art Experience At Crystal Bridges Museum Of American Art

Four-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and mental health pioneer Jewel, will debut her inaugural museum venture at the renowned Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art this spring. The Portal: An Art Experience by Jewel will explore the intersection of music, mental health, technology, and art. Featuring a drone show choreographed by Jewel and set to an original score by the artist, The Portal will also showcase a never-before-seen painting and sculpture by Jewel. The experience will be open to the public from May 4, 2024 through July 28, 2024, and will include a meditative art walk through a curated selection of works from Crystal Bridges’ collection by prominent contemporary artists.

“I began my creative journey studying sculpture – marble-carving and clay, before moving into drawing and painting,” said Jewel. “These disciplines taught me about crafting melodic structure in the songs I wrote in subsequent years. The Portal combines the three disciplines that are my life’s work – visual art, music, and behavioral health – and explores my personal philosophy of the Three Spheres. It’s such an honor to debut my work with Crystal Bridges. They value innovation, experimentation, and inclusiveness – an ethos I am deeply aligned with.”

The Portal: An Art Experience by Jewel will begin with a reflective art walk through the museum’s contemporary wing, showcasing Jewel’s curated selection of ten artworks from Crystal Bridges’ collection by artists including Ruth Asawa, Fred Eversley, Julie Mehretu, Mickalene Thomas, and Sam Gilliam, in addition to two original artworks by Jewel: a portrait of her son, and a striking new sculpture. A cutting-edge hologram of Jewel, using Proto Hologram technology, will welcome visitors to the experience, where they will encounter new wall labels, written and narrated by Jewel, that will guide them mindfully through the gallery.

Each night, for the duration of the experience, there will be a choreographed 200-piece drone light show over Crystal Bridges’ pond, flown by Nova Sky Stories. Visitors will be invited to wear headphones and listen to a conceptual, original song written and recorded by Jewel, which will be sold on vinyl in the museum gift shop, featuring one of Jewel’s paintings on the record sleeve. The audio-visual art experience has been designed by Jewel to create a space for reflection, connection, and transformation, and to prompt introspection, self-awareness, and well-being amongst visitors.

The Portal will inspire Crystal Bridges visitors to explore Jewel’s concept of the Three Spheres of existence: the inner world, outer world, and the unseen world, encompassing the human experience of mind, body, and spirit. When the spheres align, happiness, harmony, and well-being can be achieved, while misaligned spheres manifest as anxiety, anger, or unrest. Jewel has meticulously crafted each aspect of the art experience to harmonize the Three Spheres, creating a dynamic space and experience where inner thoughts, external actions and hidden emotions converge.

“Jewel’s vision for The Portal aligns beautifully with our mission at Crystal Bridges,” said Rod Bigelow, Executive Director and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for Crystal Bridges and the Momentary. “We believe in creating welcoming, transformative new experiences that disrupt and expand art conventions while enhancing wellbeing. Jewel’s creative vision does just that, and we’re thrilled to work with her to bring it to life. Nestled within 120-acres of Ozark forest in a setting that unites the power of art with the beauty of nature, Crystal Bridges is uniquely positioned to provide the space for this work.”

Known for her three-decades long, award-winning music career and mental health advocacy work, Jewel is making her mark in the visual arts world. Visitors will have an opportunity to witness her debut in the art world and celebrate creativity, mindfulness, and the transformative power of art at Crystal Bridges. Jewel’s passion for art dates back to her childhood, predating her songwriting career, declaring visual art her “first love.” After studying sculpture and painting, designing sets, and embracing technology and audio components in her artmaking in recent years, Jewel’s artistic journey has evolved into a holistic approach that extends to mental health advocacy, informing her creation of The Portal.

The Portal: An Art Experience by Jewel is on view at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas from May 4 through July 28, 2024. The experience will run Thursdays through Sundays most weeks. Tickets are $25 for adults, $15 for kids 11-18, and free for kids 10 and under. Tickets for members are $20 for adults, $12 for kids 11-18, and free for kids 10 and under. A cash bar and culinary add-ons are available. To select dates and purchase a ticket, please visit

Opening Events
The Portal kicks off with an exclusive VIP Premiere on Friday, May 3. Guests will get a first look at the experience and can hear about Jewel’s creative process from the artist herself.
Set during the opening weekend of The Portal: An Art Experience by Jewel, Crystal Bridges and the Momentary are hosting the Wellness Festival. Happening May 2 through 5, the Wellness Festival will feature a variety of free and ticketed talks, workshops, culinary experiences, and family-friendly engagements by community partners, showcasing the profound connections between creative expression and personal health.
The Portal: An Art Experience by Jewel is sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company, Stout Executive Search, Black Hills Energy Corporation, and Cynthia and Forrest Miller.

Jewel is a 4x Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, visual artist, actress, New York Times best-selling author, and mental health pioneer. Best-known for her musical talents, Jewel’s passion and training in sculpture, drawing, and painting began before her songwriting career. Over the years, she has continued creating, working with paint and clay. In spring 2024, Jewel will make her debut in the art world at Crystal Bridges Museum of Art in Bentonville, Arkansas with The Portal: An Art Experience by Jewel, featuring her own painting and sculpture. Throughout her art, Jewel combines her passions for storytelling, experimentation and democratizing mental health. For the past 21 years, Jewel’s Inspiring Children Foundation and Jewel Inc. have brought specially-designed mental health programs to at-risk youth and to leading corporations. Jewel created SELLA, a language arts curriculum for schools integrating social and emotional learning and mental health practices, and recently co-founded Innerworld, an innovative virtual mental health platform. Jewel’s remarkable journey has taken her from a childhood with no running water on an Alaskan homestead to becoming a multi-platinum recording artist and mental health advocate. She has released 13 studio albums, including her latest release Freewheelin’ Woman, and will embark on a national co-headlining tour with Melissa Etheridge this summer.