“Freedom is Free” by New York-based DJ/producer Jacques Basoka

“Freedom is Free” is a scintillating solo single by the Belgian and New York-based DJ/producer extraordinaire, Jacques Basoka.

After releasing a series of successful tracks with his partner Dahr he wanted to get his own individual sound out as well. Jacques built a large following and took the fashion industry by storm by collaborating with the likes of LV, Dior, Burberry, etc.

Truly having a passion in music, making his first track at 11 years old, Jacques felt the need to pursue his passion and release his music. Freedom is free is a representation of Jacques breaking free of the shackles of his own mind through a fast paced bassline combined with synths that makes you feel like you’re on the edge of breaking out of yourself.

Out now on HOUSE OF DANCE, don’t miss it!