Frankee Razor Premieres New Video”Today I’m Gonna Friday”

Pop songwriter and performer Frankee Razor first appeared on the national music scene as a young contestant on American Idol. Though his presence and talent brought him rapid success, his inner struggles brought him difficulties to match. After years of growth and self-exploration, Frankee is returning to the music world with boundless positive energy. Leveraging his journey of transformation alongside his infectious vocals, Razor’s released a slew of good-vibes-only singles that streamers can’t get enough of. Audiences worldwide are taking notice—Frankee even served as a judge for Miss Universe in Belize because of his massive following there. While he prepares a yet-to-be-titled album full of the new-and-improved Frankee Razor, you can plan on catching him on his upcoming tour to see his vocals and dance moves at top form.

Frankee Razor is all about the good vibes—and no day offers better vibes than Friday. The concept of his soon-to-be-viral single “Today I’m Gonna Friday” is to bring that energy to any and every day of your week. Over a chill, trotting beat, Frankee coos out his manifesto for keeping things low-key and making every day a celebration. Jump on the “How U Friday?” viral campaign with a video of your own—before it goes completely viral.

Looking for inspiration for your “How U Friday?” video? Look no further than the music video for “Today I’m Gonna Friday,” directed by Jowan Carbin. Disguised as a janitor mopping up a soundstage, Frankee Razor comes to life when he realizes it’s the best day of the week. Launching into a TikTok-ready dance sequence with his co-star Kiya Cole, he transitions between his janitor outfit and various manifestations of his swaggy, flashy, and stylish Friday selves. Pop on “Today I’m Gonna Friday” to smile and dance along with Frankee Razor’s unparalleled passion.

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