Fox Stevenson Returns With Latest Single ‘Don’t Know What’

Renowned Drum & Bass-Pop artist Fox Stevenson, also known as Stanley Stevenson-Byrne, is set to electrify fans with his latest single, ‘Don’t Know What’. Known for his eclectic mix of progressive pop, pop-punk, and DnB elements, Fox Stevenson returns with a track that exemplifies his innovative sound.

‘Don’t Know What’ showcases Stevenson’s trademark pop-punk vocals, live drums, and a driving bassline, culminating in a powerful DnB drop infused with sharp synths and energetic rhythms. This anthemic track bridges the gap between underground intensity and mainstream appeal, highlighting Stevenson’s ability to blend genres seamlessly.

Fox Stevenson has always been a musical chameleon, blending club-ready beats with heartfelt singer-songwriter sensibilities. His music defies genre boundaries, drawing inspiration from his pop-punk roots to create tracks that are adventurous and full of charisma.

Following the success of his 2023 EP ‘Enemy Brain Entertainment Suite’, which topped the UK charts, Stevenson continues to push creative boundaries. His 2019 debut album ‘Killjoy’ introduced fans to his unique sound, featuring hit tracks like “Dreamland,” “Go Like,” and “Out My Head.” In the same year, Fox Stevenson LIVE debuted, bringing an energetic trio of drums, guitar, and vocals to stages across the US and Europe. “I love melodies, I love big drums, I love big bass, and I love singing over it, and that is the live band,” Stevenson explains. In 2024 Stevenson hit the road again with Fox Stevenson LIVE performing to sold out shows to audiences throughout European cities including London, Paris, Hamburg and Zürich to name a few.

With releases on major labels such as Spinnin’, Monstercat, Liquicity, Disciple, AntiFragile, and UKF’s Pilot imprint, Fox Stevenson has built a global following. His extensive touring and industry recognition have solidified his place in the music world, while his evolving sound continues to captivate audiences. Fox Stevenson’s music is ever-evolving, with each new release surpassing the last. Fans can expect more innovative and exciting tracks from this prolific artist.

Fox Stevenson’s latest single ‘Don’t Know What’ is a testament to his genre-blending creativity and musical innovation. As his sound continues to evolve, listeners can look forward to more groundbreaking music from this talented artist.

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