DURAN Drop his Second Pre-release Single, “Moldy Chips

DURAN, the emerging icon of the modern rock scene, has once again seized the spotlight with the release of their highly anticipated second pre-release single, “Moldy Chips,” igniting excitement and fervor among fans worldwide. This single is a tantalizing glimpse into their forthcoming album, “Electric Man,” set to electrify the music world on November 29th.

With a captivating blend of avant-garde sound and emotionally charged vocals, “Moldy Chips” epitomizes DURAN’s unique musical style. The single boasts a bold and unapologetic progression, coupled with the unbridled power of their vocals. This exhilarating rock anthem takes listeners on a journey through its straightforward melodies, inviting them to explore the depths of the human experience.

The accompanying music video for “Moldy Chips” is a visual masterpiece, adding another layer of depth to the song’s narrative. Directed with precision, the video mirrors the song’s theme by juxtaposing the allure of outward appearances with the hidden darkness that often lies beneath. Viewers are immersed in a world of contrasts as they witness DURAN’s magnetic stage presence and the song’s message intertwine seamlessly.

At the core of “Moldy Chips” lies an exploration of the complexities concealed behind pleasure. DURAN’s lyrics delve into the enigmatic realm that exists beyond the surface, compelling listeners to reflect on the true nature of their experiences. The song is a testament to DURAN’s ability to convey profound ideas through their music, solidifying their position as a musician and a storyteller with a powerful message.

The “Moldy Chips” release marks an exciting phase of DURAN’s journey, building anticipation for their upcoming album, “Electric Man.” As the name suggests, the album promises to be a charged and transformative musical experience, showcasing DURAN’s growth as an artist and their dedication to pushing creative boundaries.

DURAN’s influence is not confined to the studio. They are set to grace the stage at the “Nakatsugawa THE SOLAR BUDOKAN 2023” event on September 23rd, delivering a performance that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Additionally, fans can look forward to the third and fourth pre-release singles scheduled for September and October, respectively.

The “Moldy Chips” digital single, featuring the tracks “Moldy Chips” and “Moldy Chips – Relay Mode,” is available on various platforms, enabling fans to immerse themselves in DURAN’s captivating sound. As the excitement continues to build, listeners are encouraged to follow DURAN’s official website for updates and news about their upcoming album and live performances.

DURAN’s impact is undeniable, resonating not only in their homeland but also on the global stage. As they gear up for the release of “Electric Man,” the world watches with bated breath, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in DURAN’s musical odyssey.

About DURAN:
DURAN is a renowned singer-songwriter and guitarist who has left an indelible mark on the modern rock scene. Born and raised in Japan with a diverse cultural background, DURAN’s music is a reflection of their unique experiences. Their distinctive sound, characterized by a potent blend of avant-garde elements and emotionally charged vocals, has garnered them global recognition as a true musical visionary.