David Raybuck Unleashes ‘God Of Vengeance’- An Alt-Rock Battle Anthem Against Child Trafficking

Accomplished singer-songwriter and rocker-turned pastor, David Raybuck, returns with his explosive new single ‘God of Vengeance’. Following his impressive debut LP, ‘The Prodigal’, in October 2022, David’s latest release reminds listeners that he doesn’t fit neatly inside of a single genre and showcases influences like Radiohead, The Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, and Failure.

‘God of Vengeance’ emerges as a powerful outcry against the alarming rise of child trafficking. As a father of seven children, aged 3 to 15, David’s experiences and the atrocities faced by innocent children have catalyzed a righteous anger that fueled this work. The lyrics pull from Psalm 94 to serve as a battle anthem and a call for justice against the wickedness plaguing our society.
This soul-stirring single is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter in David’s musical journey. As he continues work on his upcoming album, he draws from a well of new inspiration and a treasure trove of two decades of unfinished material, promising a stream of impactful songs that serve to help people encounter their Creator through music.

With ‘God of Vengeance’, David Raybuck shatters preconceived notions of “Christian music,” offering an alternative-rock banger that brings light into the darkness and points listeners to God. As an independent musician making waves on the music scene, David invites listeners of all backgrounds to unite in this fight to rescue and protect children around the world.

Join the movement and experience the rallying cry of ‘God of Vengeance’, available on all major streaming platforms .